Sunday, May 5, 2013

Snacking Around XU: Biaños Pizzaderia

For this week's Snacking Around XU, I went with an old reliable, a pizza joint just a stone's throw away from the main school gate, where the pizza is good; and when I mean good, I mean good and cheap. Biaños Pizzaderia is the place I go when I have a hankering for pizza but just don't have the budget for Yellow Cab or Shakey's.

Biaños at the corder of Corrales and Hayes Sts.

I usually order their Beef and Mushroom which I did on this particular visit. I usually buy  their regular size crust but I elected to go with their medium because they included drinks. The free drinks is their promotion for the entire month of May and I may just visit them again within the month because of it.

The pizza is nothing spectacular, they don't even use mozzarella and instead apply a variety of quick melt processed cheese but the crust is crisp enough to keep me interested. I really do like how they carpeted the crust with the toppings. This branch of Biaños is generous with the ground beef, but I wish the toppings were spread it more evenly so my slice won't sag.

I remember my first visit to this particular branch, it was a bit hard to find. With the price, you can't expect air conditioning, but at least the drinks are cold. Still, it is a dependable place to go for a quick pizza, just don't mind the heat, especially during this summer.

Their medium size Beef and Mushroom, it came with 2 free bottles of soda as part of their May promotion.
Directions to Biaños Pizzaderia on Corrales Avenue:

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