Monday, May 27, 2013

A New Carinderia Opening on Pabayo Street

The eatery is called Kan-Anan Sa Pabayo (KSP). It is now open for business and also sells lechon at 400 pesos per kilo. Check them out!

Last Saturday, I was invited by the owner of a new eatery, which opening this week at Pabayo Street in the space where Gart's Barbershop should to be, to their soft opening and food testing. Being the omnivore that I am and eager to eat something for free, how could I say no?

My usual lunch option, if it was free.
I ordered my usual lunch fare, soup, meat and some vegetables, to get a feel of how their fare would appeal to the typical consumer. Their Sisig, Meatball and Bicol Express passed muster. I must say that they didn't overdo the monosodium glutamate (vetsin) in their dishes, which is a plus since I try to avoid having too much salt in my food. Their RM (Remember Me) needed a little work, though the proprietor assured that a new recipe would be done for the opening.

Clockwise from top: Meatball, Bicol Express, Sisig.
The Sisig is good and so is the Meatball, which had the right balance of meat and extenders, allowing the meaty flavor to rule despite the starchy additives. The Bicol Express is a real winner, it was spicy enough to be interesting but not too spicy to be inedible.

They also have available the usual lunch time fare, but I was too stuffed to try the rest of them. It has all the traditional Filipino favorites; humba, ampalaya and eggs, menudo, dinuguan and then some.

So for your lunchtime this week, if you would like to try a new place, then this new eatery is for you.

The name of the establishment escapes me for the moment but I will update this post as soon as I get additional information.