Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Food Adventures at Home: Singapore Swing with Hainanese Chicken

Hainanese Chicken, though it may have originated in mainland China, is a dish that has become associated with Singapore, which has a sizable Hainan Chinese community. The dish though appears throughout Southeast Asia and can be found in Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. 

My sister has always wanted to prepare the dish, as she is driven by an inexplicable to prepare chicken in the Hainanese way. Also, at the time, our kitchen stores had an abundance of garlic which she really wanted to use.

The dish requires a whole chicken, rice, herbs and spices. She deviates from the traditional Southeast Asian style by using brown rice instead of white. Before anything else, she detoxifies the chicken by salt on it. She then stuffed the dressed fowl with herbs and spices and boiled it in water seasoned with some salt and pepper. Once the chicken is cooked she used the stock to cook the rice and liberally added ginger and garlic.

My sister is a budding cook, and often my parents and I are the beneficiaries of her sudden bursts of inspiration. She seldom does a dish twice, preferring to expand her horizons by cooking new dishes that she gets from watching cooking shows on the internet or on television. For this dish, her inspiration was in preparing some healthy fare for us. The chicken is steamed with no cooking oil but its own rendered fat. The rice though was stir-fried before steaming to give it maximum flavor.

I must say it was indeed a tasty meal. The healthy preparation is a bonus. She used a lot less salt than most restaurants. From one chicken and some rice she made a three course meal. Suffice to say, it was a hit. There weren't any leftovers to keep.

Monday, May 27, 2013

A New Carinderia Opening on Pabayo Street

The eatery is called Kan-Anan Sa Pabayo (KSP). It is now open for business and also sells lechon at 400 pesos per kilo. Check them out!

Last Saturday, I was invited by the owner of a new eatery, which opening this week at Pabayo Street in the space where Gart's Barbershop should to be, to their soft opening and food testing. Being the omnivore that I am and eager to eat something for free, how could I say no?

My usual lunch option, if it was free.
I ordered my usual lunch fare, soup, meat and some vegetables, to get a feel of how their fare would appeal to the typical consumer. Their Sisig, Meatball and Bicol Express passed muster. I must say that they didn't overdo the monosodium glutamate (vetsin) in their dishes, which is a plus since I try to avoid having too much salt in my food. Their RM (Remember Me) needed a little work, though the proprietor assured that a new recipe would be done for the opening.

Clockwise from top: Meatball, Bicol Express, Sisig.
The Sisig is good and so is the Meatball, which had the right balance of meat and extenders, allowing the meaty flavor to rule despite the starchy additives. The Bicol Express is a real winner, it was spicy enough to be interesting but not too spicy to be inedible.

They also have available the usual lunch time fare, but I was too stuffed to try the rest of them. It has all the traditional Filipino favorites; humba, ampalaya and eggs, menudo, dinuguan and then some.

So for your lunchtime this week, if you would like to try a new place, then this new eatery is for you.

The name of the establishment escapes me for the moment but I will update this post as soon as I get additional information.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Just Desserts: Korean Ice Cream

Korean Ice Cream. Probably the best reason Korean marts exist. That and these marts are the best place to get ingredients for a Korean style cook-off at home. Going back to the subject at hand: Korean ice cream. You enter one of these Korean marts and your eyes gravitate to the chest freezer in the middle. Inside are a variety of Korean frozen delights and though their packaging may be enticing but one would no idea how to decipher the Korean script. What to choose?

CDOmnivore has tested two of the more popular brands (as recommended by the kindly old lady shopkeeper) and here is our verdict.

That would be the ice cream bar with the green wrapper on the left on the photo above. When I think of Korean ice cream bars, the first brand that comes to mind is Melona. It's the first I've tried and has become a favorite. The bar itself has a refreshing fruity taste, quite perfect for Cagayan de Oro's tropical clime. In case you're wondering what flavor this is, the name pretty much gives it away.

Boong Samanko (Red Bean Ice Sandwich)
This would be the fish shaped ice cream sandwich on the right. Don't worry, it is not fish flavored as I initially feared. Instead it is a nice combination of creamy vanilla ice cream, red bean paste and wrapped in a wafer shaped liked a fish. I have no idea why this is packaged like a fish, but it tasted better than I expected.

Verdict. If you got the cash for only one frozen delight, I recommend going for Melona. This is the ice cream bar that made me forget about local brands. I mean, how could local manufacturers ever match the creamy melon goodness of it? But you will still be a winner if you went with the fish ice cream. These two have flavors rarely found in the local market.

Friday, May 24, 2013

CDOmnivore is now on Facebook!

It has been almost a month since CDOmnivore launched with its first blog post about Rose Pancit Malabon. We still continue to help make your food related choices in and around Cagayan de Oro. We hope you still join us as we rediscover the city through a foodie's eyes.

We have a new Facebook page to help further our cause of helping a friends and followers make informed food choices. Please do add us on Facebook by clicking here. If 140 characters or less is more your style, you can follow us on Twitter at @cdomnivore.

Good luck and good eats!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Uptown Cravings: King's International Food and Wine Bar

The CDOmnivore blog has become lately my personal journal of my epicurean adventures around the city. I've even classified them with following headings: Snacking Around XU for my snack jaunts in and around my school and workplace; Food Adventures at Home is my commentary on my sister's culinary ambitions and experiments; and now Uptown Cravings chronicles my indulging of the various eateries that are mushrooming around my neighborhood.

Uptown pertains to the suburbs above Cagayan de Oro and known for the residential subdivisions along the soon to be misnamed Airport Road. The proper name for the road with subdivisions sprouting like mushrooms after a thunderstorm is Masterson Drive, named after the Jesuit who had the foresight to buy land which then was essentially wilderness for the future expansion of Xavier University. Now it has an SM Mall and other development that are rising one after the other. Along with the infrastructure growth, more than a few eateries and stalls are staking their claims as well. This is Uptown and this is the third phase of my epicurean adventures.
I was looking for a quiet and cool place to read a new book and maybe have a light snack. I thought now would be the best time to finally try King's International Food and Wine. The eatery is located in Lorraine's Portico, just ahead of the SM Mall. I've actually wanted to try them for a while now. Their sandwiches are said to be quite tasty, but I was not in the mood for something heavy, so I had some Bruschetta instead.

Their version of the Italian antipasto is toasted bread topped with tomato salad in olive oil and basil. I loved the chewy crust of the bread. It made the appetizer something to try again on a future visit. They also have their own bakery and sell it freshly baked daily in their deli just next door of the food and wine bar. I downed all of five pieces with Strongbow cider. I got lucky with my choice of refreshments. I've been looking for quality apple cider ever since SM grocery stopped stocking cans of Schweppes from Hong Kong. It is a lot stronger than the cider I was accustomed but I liked the refreshingly bitter aftertaste of fermented apples. I guess I found my new comfort drink.

I just love the name Strongbow. Sounds like a man's man drink. 
I feel like I'd coming back here in the near future. I've yet to try their acclaimed sandwiches, and made with their freshly baked bread too. They have a nice selection of wine, beers and other drinks that it would be a crime not to come back and indulge my international cravings. It is a nice place to chill and relax.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Snacking Around XU: Alberto's Pizza

CDOmnivore just had its first online contest and I got to accompany the two winners on a food trip to the second of the three Cebu pizza franchises with branches in the city. Alberto's Pizza has its eatery in the Marfori Compound, accessible by a gate in Corrales Avenue. It was an open air pizzeria flanked by two high rise dormitories. I could see immediately that this would be a better experience than the one I had at Biano's. Though a scorching noon sun was high, at least it was al fresco with the air circulating. The Biano's branch near Xavier University unfortunately didn't have windows and though it had an open entrance, it got sweltering in there.

The lucky CDOmnivore followers were Dan Comandante and wenchorok. It was their first time to eat at Alberto's, though they've availed of their delivery services before. I was able to get their honest assessment of the place, to which I concur. The place was simply to warm to eat there at noon, although the open air was circulating above and around our heads, the lack of air conditioning, and the short walk in the open sun from school made it a sweaty experience.

I ordered two of their 11 inch pizzas for the three of us and  I saw that they have a better selection than Biano's. It is at a slightly higher price point but the variety of their offerings made up for that. I wanted to try everything. But for this taste test, I went with their Pizza Supreme and Full House.

Pizza Supreme
I really like how Alberto's is generous with their cheese, compared to Biano's that is. The toppings cover almost all of the the crust, up to the edge. The crust itself is crisp, though a little soggy in the middle, which made it floppy straight from the oven. Among the two flavors tested, Pizza Supreme was the clear winner, as for Alberto's Full House, it was just full of finely chopped onions which the cheese didn't hold so well.
Alberto's Full House
This is a better pizza than the first pizzeria I reviewed. Although the price point is slightly higher, the taste more than compensates for it. However, I wouldn't recommend eating there at noon, it was just too hot to be comfortable. Order it for take out or better yet, have it delivered.

Google Maps directions for Alberto's Pizza:

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 10 Contest Winners

Several posts back, CDOmnivore had a Twitter and comment contest where it picked two winners to accompany one of the writers on a tasting food trip. The results are in and the winners are:

Dan Comandante and wenchorok

Congratulations guys! Enjoy the pizza at Alberto's.

Food Adventures at Home: The Mother's Day Spread

Left: The Mother's Day Spread.
Center, clockwise from top left: Deviled Eggs, Lettuce & Strawberry Vinaigrette,  Smoked Salmon Dill Cream Cheese Dip & crackers, Banoffee Cups, Salmon & Spinach Fettuccine with Homemade Sundried Tomatoes, Celery & Potato Soup. Right: the dinner wine.
Click to enlarge.

Salmon, the food fish whose once-in-a-lifetime journey to spawn has inspired poets is a delicacy I've not found often in the Philippines; especially a prime fillet of smoked king salmon from the Pacific Northwest of North America. Since all our mothers deserve the best, only the finest would be fit to be the theme ingredient of our Mother's Day spread.

My sister prepared the menu, a seven course meal designed to make the salmon stand out as the star of the evening. We weren't able to print out actual cards, but here they are, listed in the order they should be consumed.

Hors d'oeuvre: Deviled Eggs

Celery and Potato Soup

Lettuce with Strawberry Vinaigrette 

Smoked Salmon Dill Cream Cheese Dip

Salmon and Spinach Fetuccine with Homemade Sundried Tomatoes 

Dessert: Banoffee Cups

Wine: 2006 Sauvignon Blanc Peñalolen

I actually helped, but my contributions were limited to manual labor. She did ask me to take over mixing the cheese dip and I think it was better for it, with me applying the brute force needed to render the ingredients into spreadable bits.

The deviled eggs and the soup helped build the anticipation for the main course. They were just light enough to ensure that there was still space in the gut for the course yet to come. This was the same approach used with the light salad. Instead of heavy dressing, the vinaigrette was just enough to keep it interesting. The lettuce was a new variety I haven't tried before. It had a pleasantly bitter aftertaste that refreshed the palate in preparation for the next two dishes.

The Smoked Salmon Dill Cream Cheese Dip was one of the dishes I helped prepare. It used Philadelphia cream cheese as a base. The salmon worked well together with the cheese. It was served  with two kinds of crackers: Jacob's Hi-Cal Original and M.Y. San Grahams. The dip worked surprisingly well with Grahams; the sweetness of the crackers topped with the dip made it blend of multiple flavors on the tongue.

The flavor-fest continued when one proceeded to the pasta dish. It was essentially  pasta alfredo with bits of smoked salmon mixed with the sauce. I grated the cheese for this one if one might ask. It was topped with more smoked salmon flakes, capers and homemade sundried tomatoes. The sundried tomatoes was especially flavorful and I wished my sister cut it into smaller pieces so I could enjoy my pasta better with all the flavors conspiring to smother my mouth into submission.

Dessert was banoffee cups, primarily for the its no-bake convenience, but also for the perfect combination of banana slices and chocolate chips. I had mine slathered with cream and it was glorious. The choice of Sauvignon Blanc Peñalolen from Chile of 2006 vintage as table wine held the meal perfectly and made it a sublime and ultimately stuffed experience and our mother's satisfied countenance worth all the kitchen work.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

CDO's BEST PASALUBONG - Going Nuts over Nuts

Fely’s Homemade Baked Peanuts

Need to stay awake… eat nuts!                                          
Need to sharpen your mind…eat nuts!
Need to exercise your jaw…eat nuts!
Need pasalubong… Introducing the Fely’s Homemade    Baked Nuts!

One of my FAVORITE!

Comes in  variety of flavours.  Sour Cream,  Barbecue, Garlic or Chili Garlic . Different flavors that will suit your cravings. Deliciously and especially prepared, baked and packed just for you and for your love ones.

Much more,  Peanuts are found to have  the 10 health benefits we need:
·        Good source of Folic Acid
·        Aids in blood sugar regulation (Manganese - mineral)
·        Helps prevent Gallstones
·        Helps fight depression (Tryptophan- amino acid)
·        Boosts memory power (Vitamin B3)
·        Helps lower cholesterol levels (Copper)
·        Lowers Risk of Heart Disease
·        Protects Against Age-related cognitive decline (Vitamin B2)
·        Anti oxidant (Beta-sitoserol)
·        Lowers risk of weight gain

So what are you waiting for.  Get the best out of your pocket. A good choice of Pasalubong for everyone!    Only in Cagayan de Oro!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Get One, Crave More: Mini Cheese Pancakes

Who’s a big fan of pancakes out there??!!

I personally am a big fan of eating pancakes, me and my siblings grew up tasting the delicious pancakes of my mom. I just like the fluffiness of the pancakes, and its milk and butter which brings taste to it. What I didn't expect on my next street food adventure is finding out this mini-cheese pancake stall sold in the street of Divisoria.

The name of the stall is “ Ilongga’s Cheese Cake – manamit gid!”, located in Divisoria, Tiano street near Cinnamon Bakeshop.  “Manamit” is an Ilonggo term for delicious. Upon seeing the delicious pancakes, I can’t miss out the chance of tasting it and see why it is “Ma-na-mit gid”. And so I tried one, and later on, I found myself craving for more. What makes it delicious is that you can taste the cheese that melts into your mouth when you eat it and it is hot because it’s freshly made, you can really see how it is done. I decided to take out five pieces for my father, so while she’s busy preparing the pancakes, I found out the background of her business and also her name. Her name is Aunt Rosita, she named her pancakes “Ilongga’s Cheese Cake” because she said it is how they made their pancakes in Iloilo, since she grew up there. Aunt Rosita is the only one selling pancakes in Tiano Street at Divisoria Plaza. So if you happen to be in Divisoria, don’t miss out the chance on tasting these delicious Mini-Pancakes. It only costs Php 5.00 per slice, and I tell you… It is definitely worth it! “Manamit gid!

Here are some photos taken by my friend April while I'm enjoying Aunt Rosita's cheese cakes :)

I'm craving for more!

Aunt Rosita sprinkling sugar to the pancakes

Food Adventures at Home: Going Korean

The spread

One thing that I love about having my sister stay with us at home during summer break is that she likes to do a few dishes that would broaden the horizon of the family's palates. This summer is no different as we have already crisscrossed much of East Asia with her flavors.

Bibimbap before mixing the whole thing.

There was night when she cooked the signature Korean dish bibimbap. It was actually her second  time to prepare the mixed rice dish but that twist for this version was that she used brown rice instead of the traditional white. The family has jumped on the brown rice trend as of late but I do believe that this edition of her bibimbap is better than her first for using the mostly unpolished grain.

Bibimpap literally means "rice dish" and my sister's version of this dish includes freshly cooked rice topped with beef, spinach, zucchini. bean sprouts, carrots and a fried egg. That combination is then mixed by adding gochujang (chili pepper paste) and minced garlic for the authentic spicy Korean taste.

The side dishes

She also cooked a couple of side dishes to go with the rice dish. She barbecued some beef strips and made a green onion omelet. For my plate, I served myself a ladle-full of the rice and some of the beef and omelet. I added a dollop of gochujang since I wanted a little more spice in each spoonful.

I sure was glad she prepared a rice cooker full of it, It ensured that I would be able to have cupful of leftover bibimbap for breakfast.
My plate.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cooking with Titil: Pork Pata Adobado

Cooking with Titil: Pork Pata Adobado

I was on my way home when I remembered that I have to cook dinner for my family. I haven't had the faintest idea what to cook since I was very busy at work the whole day. So I stopped by a small deli shop in Divisoria to buy some meat and prayed that a recipe would pop out from my mind later on. Luckily, the cashier handed me a recipe...Pork Pata Adobado. It looks yummy and very simple to do since it is actually just a combination of HUMBA and ADOBO. So I bought the ingredients and went home with a sigh of relief. It is indeed very easy and a delightful recipe you can share with your family. As the saying goes "Sabaw pa lang, Ulam na!".


      1/2 kg Pork Pata Slice
      1 tbsp Crushed garlic
      1/2 tbsp Freshly Ground 
         Black Pepper
      1 pc Bay Leaf
      7ml Worcestershire sauce
      1/4 cup soy sauce
      1/3 cup vinegar
      1 cup water
      1/2 tbsp garlic, minced
      1/2 cup onions,chopped
      1/2 cup tomatoes,chopped


1. Combine first the eight ingredients in a saucepan.

2. Cook over high heat until the mixture comes to a boil.Reduce heat to medium and let simmer,covered for 45 minutes.
3. Remove cover and cook for another 5 minutes for sauce to reduce and thicken.
4. Separate the sauce form the meat and set aside.

5. In another pan,saute onions,garlic and tomatoes until tender. Add the meat and cook for 5 minutes.

6. Add the sauce or you may serve it on the side.

Enjoy and happy eating !

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MJ's Just Desserts : Buko Pandan

When we went home from an activity at SM Cagayan de Oro, we passed by the car park area. I saw a new seafood restaurant (at the back of Synnex-Concentrix) and decided to eat there.

There were few desserts listed but I wanted to try a new taste of one of my all-time favorite dessert: Buko Pandan. It's served in a small glass which is enough to act as your closer for dinner I thought at first it was just another ordinary buko pandan, but after consuming it, it was the BEST buko pandan I've ever tasted. It's topped with a soft-served vanilla ice cream which makes it more creamy. The mixture of cream and milk is just the right sweetness; mixed with gelatin and of course, buko. At an affordable price of 60 pesos per serving, it is surely a very good dessert to have.

Monday, May 6, 2013

CdeO's Food Events: Trivia Night at Missy Bon Bon

Cagayan de Oro, located in Northern Mindanao region of the Philippines is that zone's largest city. Understandably, it is an ideal place for budding food lovers and bloggers like the CDOmnivore. The positive business environment has made it possible for a variety of restaurants and eateries to sprout and cater to the almost finicky tastes of the residents.

It is known that Kagayanons (as the residents are called) are wont to try anything new to satisfy their curiosities but it is rare that they become regulars. They appreciate good food but a restaurant has to constantly reinvent itself to capture their continued interest.

One of the latest establishments that has captured the imagination of the city, through its sweet and savory pastries and gelato is Missy Bon Bon Breadshop. It has its main restaurant at Limketkai Center with three satellite stalls at the other malls in the cities. It serves breakfast and other fare to go with their baked goodies and gelato. So of course CDOmnivore would want to try their goods out and did it one Thursday night.

Missy Bon Bon was packed, especially during Trivia Night on Thursdays.

It also happened that every Thursday night, Missy Bon Bon has its Trivia Night and the place was packed. People formed teams to answer trivia question of various interests and disciplines and the competition was intense. It was already a warm night out and the intensity only made the mercury rise. After four sets of topics with 7-8 questions each, the final score was as close as it could be with only a point separating the top three finishers.
The video scoreboard shows a final tally that was a close finish.
CDOmnivore came to try the food but was inevitably drawn to the electricity and excitement generated by joining a trivia contest. It followed one of the teams that night, the spartanly named Team 6, who incidentally were the last week's winners and the week before that. It was allowed a glimpse of the inner workings of one of the best, if not the best Trivia Night competitors. To join them was a fun experience, as part of Team 6, we lived and died with every question that we were able to answer to correctly.

The first place prize: A box of Missy Bon Bon goodies.
After several dozen questions, the Night ended with Team 6 coming out on top by a single point. The other teams didn't do badly it seemed. Every one of the top three finishers received a box of Missy Bon Bon baked goodies. The first place winner got the largest box. I guess it was still a night of food after all.

Thanks Team 6 for having CDOmnivore!
Pictures are courtesy of Team 6. Follow Team 6 and its exploits on its Facebook page here.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Snacking Around XU: Biaños Pizzaderia

For this week's Snacking Around XU, I went with an old reliable, a pizza joint just a stone's throw away from the main school gate, where the pizza is good; and when I mean good, I mean good and cheap. Biaños Pizzaderia is the place I go when I have a hankering for pizza but just don't have the budget for Yellow Cab or Shakey's.

Biaños at the corder of Corrales and Hayes Sts.

I usually order their Beef and Mushroom which I did on this particular visit. I usually buy  their regular size crust but I elected to go with their medium because they included drinks. The free drinks is their promotion for the entire month of May and I may just visit them again within the month because of it.

The pizza is nothing spectacular, they don't even use mozzarella and instead apply a variety of quick melt processed cheese but the crust is crisp enough to keep me interested. I really do like how they carpeted the crust with the toppings. This branch of Biaños is generous with the ground beef, but I wish the toppings were spread it more evenly so my slice won't sag.

I remember my first visit to this particular branch, it was a bit hard to find. With the price, you can't expect air conditioning, but at least the drinks are cold. Still, it is a dependable place to go for a quick pizza, just don't mind the heat, especially during this summer.

Their medium size Beef and Mushroom, it came with 2 free bottles of soda as part of their May promotion.
Directions to Biaños Pizzaderia on Corrales Avenue:

View Larger Map

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Crackling, crispy , crunchy snacks to the max – SLERS famous CHICHARON



Everytime I travel,  my pasalubong!  the Cagayan de Oro’s famous SLERS CHICHARON.   So crunchy,  I just can not resist but eat  them over and over again until nothing’s left.  Best dipped in vinegar or eaten right away.  Best to bring in beaches,  best in salo salo, best in snacks and  a best appetizer at mealtime.  Also a yummy  goodliness when  dipped in  tomato catsup! So handy and light to the baggage! So convenient to bring anywhere and affordable in the pocket!

SLERS famous CHICHARON comes in three (3) varieties of flavors, the super crispy pig skin, the super crispy pig skin with meat and the super hot crispy chicharon.

Nothing can beat its crispiness. Only SLERS CHICHARON  can!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

MJ's Just Desserts: Chocoholic?! A must try dessert for everyone

A twist of oven-fresh chocolate moist cake and vanilla ice cream on top will surely tingle your taste buds and surely you will ask for more.

Chubs Diner's newly posted dessert, Smores Cake Cup, caught my attention and piqued my curiousoty on what fusion of cake of ice cream would taste or even look like. A cake in a cup, that's initial description of the dessert. But with just one scoop, surely did excite my crave for more, especially of the chocolate moist cake. Cold and creamy vanilla ice cream, with crushed Graham crackers and chocolate syrup on top, is the first layer of the excitement. The lower portion is the fresh from the oven (hot) chocolate moist cake, which is indeed the best choco moist cake I've ever tasted. It's very unique combination of hot and cold is just appropriate for the summer season and the cool and cozy atmosphere inside the diner.

Try one now and experience a new level of chocoholic experience!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

COOKING WITH TITIL: Merienda Spaghetti

Simply Satisfying Merienda Spaghetti


I love food. I love to cook. When your passion is eating then you got to love cooking. Today's special menu is my favorite merienda since I was little (no pun intended). My late mother used to prepare this for our family with gusto and pride. Now it's my turn to show you all how enticingly luscious my mother's special merienda can be. Sit still, relax and keep that saliva in your mouth.


                  400 grams spaghetti pasta
                  560 grams spaghetti sauce
                  250 ml Nestle cream
                  1 cup grated cheese (1/4 for cooking)
                  250 grams ground pork or beef
                  6 cloves of garlic (minced)
                  2 pcs medium sized onion (minced)
                  3 pcs red bell pepper (minced)
                  sliced hotdogs
                  5 tablespoon cooking oil
                  3 tablespoon sugar
                  salt and pepper
                  1/2 cup water


1. Cook the pasta according to package instruction. Do not overcook the pasta to preserve its firmness.

2. In another pan, saute half the onion, garlic and bell pepper for a minute. Add ground pork/beef in the pan until the color becomes brownish. Add little water, soy sauce and pepper to taste. Let it simmer until the water dries up. Turn off heat then set the pan aside.

3. For the sauce, saute the remaining onion, garlic and bell pepper then add the sliced hotdogs and cooked ground pork/beef.

4. After 2 minutes add the spaghetti sauce, Nestle cream, and grated cheese. Let it simmer until it boils a little. Add salt, pepper and sugar according to your taste.

5. Mix the cooked pasta and meat sauce well. (Use low heat during mixing.)

6. Serve with grated cheese on top and ENJOY!