Monday, May 20, 2013

Snacking Around XU: Alberto's Pizza

CDOmnivore just had its first online contest and I got to accompany the two winners on a food trip to the second of the three Cebu pizza franchises with branches in the city. Alberto's Pizza has its eatery in the Marfori Compound, accessible by a gate in Corrales Avenue. It was an open air pizzeria flanked by two high rise dormitories. I could see immediately that this would be a better experience than the one I had at Biano's. Though a scorching noon sun was high, at least it was al fresco with the air circulating. The Biano's branch near Xavier University unfortunately didn't have windows and though it had an open entrance, it got sweltering in there.

The lucky CDOmnivore followers were Dan Comandante and wenchorok. It was their first time to eat at Alberto's, though they've availed of their delivery services before. I was able to get their honest assessment of the place, to which I concur. The place was simply to warm to eat there at noon, although the open air was circulating above and around our heads, the lack of air conditioning, and the short walk in the open sun from school made it a sweaty experience.

I ordered two of their 11 inch pizzas for the three of us and  I saw that they have a better selection than Biano's. It is at a slightly higher price point but the variety of their offerings made up for that. I wanted to try everything. But for this taste test, I went with their Pizza Supreme and Full House.

Pizza Supreme
I really like how Alberto's is generous with their cheese, compared to Biano's that is. The toppings cover almost all of the the crust, up to the edge. The crust itself is crisp, though a little soggy in the middle, which made it floppy straight from the oven. Among the two flavors tested, Pizza Supreme was the clear winner, as for Alberto's Full House, it was just full of finely chopped onions which the cheese didn't hold so well.
Alberto's Full House
This is a better pizza than the first pizzeria I reviewed. Although the price point is slightly higher, the taste more than compensates for it. However, I wouldn't recommend eating there at noon, it was just too hot to be comfortable. Order it for take out or better yet, have it delivered.

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