Monday, May 6, 2013

CdeO's Food Events: Trivia Night at Missy Bon Bon

Cagayan de Oro, located in Northern Mindanao region of the Philippines is that zone's largest city. Understandably, it is an ideal place for budding food lovers and bloggers like the CDOmnivore. The positive business environment has made it possible for a variety of restaurants and eateries to sprout and cater to the almost finicky tastes of the residents.

It is known that Kagayanons (as the residents are called) are wont to try anything new to satisfy their curiosities but it is rare that they become regulars. They appreciate good food but a restaurant has to constantly reinvent itself to capture their continued interest.

One of the latest establishments that has captured the imagination of the city, through its sweet and savory pastries and gelato is Missy Bon Bon Breadshop. It has its main restaurant at Limketkai Center with three satellite stalls at the other malls in the cities. It serves breakfast and other fare to go with their baked goodies and gelato. So of course CDOmnivore would want to try their goods out and did it one Thursday night.

Missy Bon Bon was packed, especially during Trivia Night on Thursdays.

It also happened that every Thursday night, Missy Bon Bon has its Trivia Night and the place was packed. People formed teams to answer trivia question of various interests and disciplines and the competition was intense. It was already a warm night out and the intensity only made the mercury rise. After four sets of topics with 7-8 questions each, the final score was as close as it could be with only a point separating the top three finishers.
The video scoreboard shows a final tally that was a close finish.
CDOmnivore came to try the food but was inevitably drawn to the electricity and excitement generated by joining a trivia contest. It followed one of the teams that night, the spartanly named Team 6, who incidentally were the last week's winners and the week before that. It was allowed a glimpse of the inner workings of one of the best, if not the best Trivia Night competitors. To join them was a fun experience, as part of Team 6, we lived and died with every question that we were able to answer to correctly.

The first place prize: A box of Missy Bon Bon goodies.
After several dozen questions, the Night ended with Team 6 coming out on top by a single point. The other teams didn't do badly it seemed. Every one of the top three finishers received a box of Missy Bon Bon baked goodies. The first place winner got the largest box. I guess it was still a night of food after all.

Thanks Team 6 for having CDOmnivore!
Pictures are courtesy of Team 6. Follow Team 6 and its exploits on its Facebook page here.