Friday, May 10, 2013

Get One, Crave More: Mini Cheese Pancakes

Who’s a big fan of pancakes out there??!!

I personally am a big fan of eating pancakes, me and my siblings grew up tasting the delicious pancakes of my mom. I just like the fluffiness of the pancakes, and its milk and butter which brings taste to it. What I didn't expect on my next street food adventure is finding out this mini-cheese pancake stall sold in the street of Divisoria.

The name of the stall is “ Ilongga’s Cheese Cake – manamit gid!”, located in Divisoria, Tiano street near Cinnamon Bakeshop.  “Manamit” is an Ilonggo term for delicious. Upon seeing the delicious pancakes, I can’t miss out the chance of tasting it and see why it is “Ma-na-mit gid”. And so I tried one, and later on, I found myself craving for more. What makes it delicious is that you can taste the cheese that melts into your mouth when you eat it and it is hot because it’s freshly made, you can really see how it is done. I decided to take out five pieces for my father, so while she’s busy preparing the pancakes, I found out the background of her business and also her name. Her name is Aunt Rosita, she named her pancakes “Ilongga’s Cheese Cake” because she said it is how they made their pancakes in Iloilo, since she grew up there. Aunt Rosita is the only one selling pancakes in Tiano Street at Divisoria Plaza. So if you happen to be in Divisoria, don’t miss out the chance on tasting these delicious Mini-Pancakes. It only costs Php 5.00 per slice, and I tell you… It is definitely worth it! “Manamit gid!

Here are some photos taken by my friend April while I'm enjoying Aunt Rosita's cheese cakes :)

I'm craving for more!

Aunt Rosita sprinkling sugar to the pancakes