Saturday, May 4, 2013


Crackling, crispy , crunchy snacks to the max – SLERS famous CHICHARON



Everytime I travel,  my pasalubong!  the Cagayan de Oro’s famous SLERS CHICHARON.   So crunchy,  I just can not resist but eat  them over and over again until nothing’s left.  Best dipped in vinegar or eaten right away.  Best to bring in beaches,  best in salo salo, best in snacks and  a best appetizer at mealtime.  Also a yummy  goodliness when  dipped in  tomato catsup! So handy and light to the baggage! So convenient to bring anywhere and affordable in the pocket!

SLERS famous CHICHARON comes in three (3) varieties of flavors, the super crispy pig skin, the super crispy pig skin with meat and the super hot crispy chicharon.

Nothing can beat its crispiness. Only SLERS CHICHARON  can!