Sunday, May 12, 2013

CDO's BEST PASALUBONG - Going Nuts over Nuts

Fely’s Homemade Baked Peanuts

Need to stay awake… eat nuts!                                          
Need to sharpen your mind…eat nuts!
Need to exercise your jaw…eat nuts!
Need pasalubong… Introducing the Fely’s Homemade    Baked Nuts!

One of my FAVORITE!

Comes in  variety of flavours.  Sour Cream,  Barbecue, Garlic or Chili Garlic . Different flavors that will suit your cravings. Deliciously and especially prepared, baked and packed just for you and for your love ones.

Much more,  Peanuts are found to have  the 10 health benefits we need:
·        Good source of Folic Acid
·        Aids in blood sugar regulation (Manganese - mineral)
·        Helps prevent Gallstones
·        Helps fight depression (Tryptophan- amino acid)
·        Boosts memory power (Vitamin B3)
·        Helps lower cholesterol levels (Copper)
·        Lowers Risk of Heart Disease
·        Protects Against Age-related cognitive decline (Vitamin B2)
·        Anti oxidant (Beta-sitoserol)
·        Lowers risk of weight gain

So what are you waiting for.  Get the best out of your pocket. A good choice of Pasalubong for everyone!    Only in Cagayan de Oro!