Friday, May 10, 2013

Food Adventures at Home: Going Korean

The spread

One thing that I love about having my sister stay with us at home during summer break is that she likes to do a few dishes that would broaden the horizon of the family's palates. This summer is no different as we have already crisscrossed much of East Asia with her flavors.

Bibimbap before mixing the whole thing.

There was night when she cooked the signature Korean dish bibimbap. It was actually her second  time to prepare the mixed rice dish but that twist for this version was that she used brown rice instead of the traditional white. The family has jumped on the brown rice trend as of late but I do believe that this edition of her bibimbap is better than her first for using the mostly unpolished grain.

Bibimpap literally means "rice dish" and my sister's version of this dish includes freshly cooked rice topped with beef, spinach, zucchini. bean sprouts, carrots and a fried egg. That combination is then mixed by adding gochujang (chili pepper paste) and minced garlic for the authentic spicy Korean taste.

The side dishes

She also cooked a couple of side dishes to go with the rice dish. She barbecued some beef strips and made a green onion omelet. For my plate, I served myself a ladle-full of the rice and some of the beef and omelet. I added a dollop of gochujang since I wanted a little more spice in each spoonful.

I sure was glad she prepared a rice cooker full of it, It ensured that I would be able to have cupful of leftover bibimbap for breakfast.
My plate.