Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MJ's Just Desserts : Buko Pandan

When we went home from an activity at SM Cagayan de Oro, we passed by the car park area. I saw a new seafood restaurant (at the back of Synnex-Concentrix) and decided to eat there.

There were few desserts listed but I wanted to try a new taste of one of my all-time favorite dessert: Buko Pandan. It's served in a small glass which is enough to act as your closer for dinner I thought at first it was just another ordinary buko pandan, but after consuming it, it was the BEST buko pandan I've ever tasted. It's topped with a soft-served vanilla ice cream which makes it more creamy. The mixture of cream and milk is just the right sweetness; mixed with gelatin and of course, buko. At an affordable price of 60 pesos per serving, it is surely a very good dessert to have.