Thursday, May 2, 2013

MJ's Just Desserts: Chocoholic?! A must try dessert for everyone

A twist of oven-fresh chocolate moist cake and vanilla ice cream on top will surely tingle your taste buds and surely you will ask for more.

Chubs Diner's newly posted dessert, Smores Cake Cup, caught my attention and piqued my curiousoty on what fusion of cake of ice cream would taste or even look like. A cake in a cup, that's initial description of the dessert. But with just one scoop, surely did excite my crave for more, especially of the chocolate moist cake. Cold and creamy vanilla ice cream, with crushed Graham crackers and chocolate syrup on top, is the first layer of the excitement. The lower portion is the fresh from the oven (hot) chocolate moist cake, which is indeed the best choco moist cake I've ever tasted. It's very unique combination of hot and cold is just appropriate for the summer season and the cool and cozy atmosphere inside the diner.

Try one now and experience a new level of chocoholic experience!