Saturday, October 5, 2013

Snacking Around XU: Product Exposition, part one

It has been a while since I posted an article for Snacking Around XU that I decided to make this edition special by making it a three-parter. I took way too many photos for a post to load quickly enough that serializing it in three parts would be the prudent move.

Product Exposition by Marketing Management students
 at the XU Covered Courts.
It was by sheer chance that I had some free time when my colleague asked me to step in for her as a panelist in rating various product launches down by marketing students which would be their future thesis / feasibility study. I figured if it involved tasting food, I might as well blog about it too. What I didn't anticipated was that an entourage of my students coalesced around me so they could also partake of the samples. At least I had some people to carry my stuff for me.

Chocolate Lava Cookies
First stop was for some Chocolate Lava Cookies. A new spin on the cookie idea. This would set the trend for my stint as a panelist in Product Exposition. I would be tasting a disproportionate number of sugared food items.

Fruit flavored Puto Madness
The next table was the group Puto Madness whose product proposal is a twist on the Filipino rice cake.I loved it that they served hot chocolate to go with their puto. The two really meshed well.

Fish fillets and dips by Something Fishy
The third table I visited was a welcome break from the sweet stuff. I've seen a lot of fried chicken fillet stalls selling in the school, so I appreciated this group's idea  of using fried fish fillet. It wasn't exactly novel, but it would give XU people another option. The fillet was nothing special, which the group realized so that's why they offered three kinds of dip to add flavor to the fish. Only one sauce appealed to me because they used an emulsion that would normally be packaged as sandwich spread. The other two dips didn't make the cut for me; but I suggested they improve their dips and give them a much thicker consistency.

Deep fried eggs wrapped in batter now comes in many colors.
The fourth table presented hardboiled eggs covered with batter and deep-fried. Their product was already being sold as the street food kwek-kwek. What made theirs different was instead of the standard orange, they used food coloring and painted multi-colored eggs. Not much differentiation but I do love their vinegar dip and my entourage seemed to like it too.

Red Velvet Buko Pie by Pie 360
The fifth table was probably the most popular product among a sampling of my students that I asked after the expo. The group called themselves Pie 360 and their Buko Pie with Red Velvet. I really enjoyed how adding red velvet made an ordinary pie into something special. The pie was easily one of the top thee products in the expo in my opinion.

My Product Expo recap will continue in my next post. There's still a lot more food to cover.