Sunday, October 6, 2013

Snacking Around XU: Product Exposition, part two

Welcome to the second installment of the CDOmnivore's recap of the Product Exposition last week. If you missed the first part, just go and click the link here.

So far, I've pretty much enjoyed myself testing all the different products assigned to me as panelist. It has been food items all the way; an obviously popular product category when starting a business. A person's got to eat, so there would always be a market for food.

Adding a fancy twist to what is a simple Filipino snack.
Up next is JAMS Banana who turned an ordinary snack of banana doused in syrup into something creative. They added cream and mango and ├╝be preserves. It's such an obvious idea and they made their own.
Another product that earned raves.
Cremoso marketed their version of the Italian dessert panna cotta with three different toppings. I liked it but I didn't consider it to be tru panna cotta. I wish they used preserved fruit instead of jam. Still, I could see this product selling in school.
Peanut butter with rice krispies
Some of my former students
 from my first semester of teaching in XU-SBM.
The table after the panna cotta was actually manned by some of my first students when I started teaching two years ago. They were presenting Nuts & Kisses Peanut Butter as their product proposal, which was a different from the last two in that this was not something that you sold ala cart. They would be selling their product directly, with no plans of selling it in school. They offered these tiny peanut butter sandwiches as samples. They added rice krispies as their personal touch.

I love this drink, no added sugar,
except for the toppings and had a goat's milk base.

Feeling thirsty after all those sweets, I doubled back to a table a skipped since there weren't ready to present yet. They had this Goat's Milk Drink with various toppings. Their presentation didn't really wow and it wasn't much as a display as  what the neighboring tables did but they let their product speak for itself.

Yummy Patties, their sampling dish was basically wiped out.
The next product was a welcome respite from all the sweets. Yummy Patty presented these hamburger patties which they planned to sell directly to the customer. The burger wasn't exactly the burger that I was looking for. I mean, it was too thin and I could barely taste any meat and they prepared it too dry, but the price point that they were offering it at wasn't too expensive and justified the corners that were cut in order to sell a product and still earn a profit.

My next post will conclude this three-parter. Come back within the week  as I wrap things up.