Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CDOmnivore In Manila:Part One: A Long Time Coming

The first Seattle's Best Coffee in Mindanao,
at the pre-departure area
of the Languibdingan International airport.
Early this week, I went on a faculty benchmarking trip with my fellow faculty, dean and her staff to Manila which provided me some new rich material to blog about. That experience could only be called CDOmnivore in Manila. #cdomnivoreinmanila

I started the trip with a light breakfast and tea at the first Seattle's Best Coffee shop (SBC) in Mindanao and it's not in Cagayan de Oro or in Davao but at the new international airport in Laguindingan. I had my Earl Grey, which is customary for me every time I visit one of those fancy schmancy cafes and their overpriced coffees. I wanted to have one of SBC's tasty looking panini sandwiches but elected against it after feeling my rather thin wallet. I went with a Corned Beef Pandesal or bun instead.

Pre-flight breakfast of Corned Beef Pandesal and Earl Grey Tea.
The flight to Manila was thankfully uneventful. I had another cup of tea and took the complimentary bag of egg nog cookies and peanuts. After claiming our luggage, our party went to the hotel to check in early. We were booked at the Best Western Plus Antel Hotel on Makati Avenue, which was a nicer hotel than I expected. I expected to billed at a cheaper business hotel not with a place affiliated with an international chain. It was a great location, the A. Venue Mall was just across the narrow access road, but what really made it for me was the Wendy's just across the block.

What's with Wendy's? This international fast food chain restaurant, who are known for their square beef patties, probably have the best cheese burger ever.  Although I've always wanted to try the Baconator, I avoided that artery clogging monster and went with the Bacon Mushroom Melt. That burger was a long time coming. I haven't had one in almost two decades. The last one I had was when I was still doing my schooling on the Hill. I still remember where I had it; it was at the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall in Rizal.

Hello again Bacon Mushroom Melt and your oozing cheesy goodness.

Half my day isn't done yet and I've already ticked off one important item off my list of things to do for  CDOmnivore while in Manila. This is just the first chapter of another multi-parter.