Saturday, October 19, 2013

CDOmnivore in Manila: Breakfast Fit For Hobbits

Tolkien's hobbits may be small in stature but they have elevated breakfast into an artform. The hobbits of The Fellowship were so worried about skipping second breakfast on their way to destroy the One Ring, that they let Aragorn know about it and even compromised their safety.

The hotel I stayed in, while I was on a benchmarking trip with fellow faculty and our dean was the Best Western Plus Antel in Makati Avenue, which had a nice restaurant called the Azzurro which specialized in Mediterranean cuisine. They had a decent breakfast buffet, although didn't have much of a selection; it was serviceable. I mean, a breakfast which had refillable scramble eggs was great in my book. The menu had variations for the two days I had breakfast there, but the eggs remained consistent as well as at least a variety of processed meats. 

First day: Eggs, beef, vegetable pasta, cheese, tuna and toast.

The buffet also had rice substitutes, for example the first day, I opted for the vegetable pasta and on the second day, they had some pretty great sweet potato fritters. I had a little rice although I would have ignored the pasta or the fritters if they had some garlic rice.

The usual suspects when it comes to breakfast fare were there. Some fresh fruit, rolls, toast, desert and unlimited coffee, tea and fruit juice were also served. It was a decent way to start one's day, especially since we had a long day of sightseeing to do.

Second day: More eggs, rice, corned beef and sweet potato fritters.