Sunday, June 23, 2013

Top 3 Best Breakfasts in Cagayan de Oro

Breakfast. An important part of one's day, especially if you want to start your day right. It is the meal of champions and it is my favorite part of the day. I like it so much that I wouldn't mind having it all again for lunch; except by then it would be called brunch.

For me, a good breakfast needs to have these essentials: fried eggs, processed meats and garlic rice. The presence of all three components would almost certainly guarantee a great start to one's day. Coffee isn't really for me so it isn't important factor, though I would rather have hot chocolate instead. Fruit juice works for me as well.

I have selected three restaurants in Cagayan de Oro whose breakfast meals I found to pass muster. I left out breakfasts buffets because it would be unfair. Hotel breakfast buffets would crowd the top places in my shortlist.

Honorable Mention. Tapsi Time.
It has the pre-requisites, plus it available all day; but their garlic rice is hit or miss for me. Sometimes it is perfect, sometimes it is too stale; and their fried eggs aren't cooked that well. It would do in a pinch if one's having the craving for some breakfast fare.

3. Chub's Diner.
Another eatery that serves breakfast all day, they have the best burger steak in the city. They even serve hot chocolate with it. This could easily be the top breakfast but the top two have something that trumps Chub's.

2. Jollibee.
The Bee has the best garlic rice among the fast food joints that serve breakfast. It goes quite well with their Breakfast Steak. Although only available during morning hours, from opening to 11:00 PM, it is worth getting up early in the morning. However, it loses the top spot because of one side dish.

1. McDonald's
Mickey Dees has the best breakfast to get up early in the morning for since they also serve it only during breakfast hours. I usually go for their Sausage Platter: garlic rice, scrambled eggs and a sausage. The Bee's garlic rice may be superior to their relatively tepid version but they have one thing that I totally love: they serve hash browns. This side goes so well with all their  breakfast meals. Their eggs may be too watery and the sausage too dry but their hash browns wins breakfast for them.

Sausage Platter plus Hash brown from McDo.
This was a close race. Chub's could have easily taken the top place had they served hash browns. Maybe I can suggest they do. There other restaurants I considered. Missy Bon Bon has a fine breakfast menu which they serve all day but falters in pricing and serving size. I've heard Greenwich has started serving their omelets again, but I've tried it yet. Chowking has a nice breakfast selection too but I don't enjoy it as much as the one served by it's sister company, the Bee.

So what do you think? Agree or disagree? What is your best breakfast in the city? Feel free to comment and share your opinion.