Sunday, June 9, 2013

Having Your Ribs And Eating It At Home.

Who doesn't like ribs? Meat that falls off the bone and slathered with barbecue sauce. it used to be that you had to go to a steakhouse or a casual dining restaurant to get your ribs fix. It can get pricey too, since it is usually one of the high end items on a restaurant's menu.

the stall
That is no longer the case though; ever since I found that you could order ribs for take out at Captain Richie's Baby Back Ribs, I felt the clouds parted and the dark days of no ribs are finally over. Located in Nazareth in the city, it is on the corner of Tomas Saco Street, across the neighborhood Monterey meat shop. Their ribs are just the way you like them, soft, tender and falls off the bone. They also have this savory barbecue sauce which is included with every order. The best part is that they are able to price a single order for less than what restaurants charge for theirs. Captain Richie's is able to do this by being a purely takeout counter, without having to invest in fixed costs and other overhead that would have otherwise went into the pricing.
that is a clean work area

When it comes to ribs, this is the city's best kept secret, hidden it is in the suburbs of Nazareth. I've passed their stall numerous times without realizing that they sold takeout ribs.It isn't really the most convenient of locations though, one would really have to go find their stall. But once you do find their takeout counter, you would be able to order what I consider the best ribs for your peso. Customers have four options regarding how their ribs are done. One could have barbecue, garlic, hot and spicy and chili garlic.

Liempo, lechon manok, and pancit may be cheaper takeout options, but ribs has surely upped the stakes. Anyone too tired or too lazy to cook at home need not settle for burnt pig flesh, under-cooked chicken or salty noodles any longer. Now they can have ribs and dinner with takeout food has never been better.