Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spoils of War: Chocolate Coffee Cake from Missy Bon Bon

In the short brief span that our food blog has existed, our readers have seen columns that have fallen by the wayside as writers came and went. A few remain still, often released in alternate weeks, a change from its once weekly schedule. So in the tradition of Snacking Around XU, Uptown Cravings and Just Desserts, CDOmnivore is proud to present the Spoils of War by Team 6.

Team 6 is a collective of trivia night enthusiasts that have made the Trivia Night at Missy Bon Bon in Limketkai Drive their weekly ritual. More often than not they have placed consistently to win goodies from Trivia Night sponsor and host Missy Bon Bon and are usually the first to try some of the new products which they often include in the gift boxes for the winners. This gives Team 6 a unique opportunity to be the first to sample such products and share what they think of Missy Bon Bon's newest offerings.

Team 6 writes for CDOmnivore

Team 6 received a cake for being the monthly champions of May 2013. That was a memorable victory, which marked Team 6's third monthly prize for 2013. The cake given for that occasion was the Chocolate Coffee Cake.
Chocolate Coffee Cake
Despite the name, this dessert was not intended to be eaten with coffee. The name describes it truly, a blending of chocolate and coffee flavors in a cake. The bitterness of the coffee enhances the natural bitter taste of the raw chocolate and the sweetness of the processed milk chocolate at same time.

It is a rich dessert, a squad of six composed mostly of 5 perpetually hungry teenagers could barely finish it all. Still, it was a very nice addition to our prizes that night.