Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Tale of Two Burger Steaks

Chub's Diner, located just across Xavier Gym, has changed the way Kagay-anons enjoy burgers. At least, the way I enjoy burgers. No longer does a burger enthusiast has to stick to the overcooked and undersized offerings of corporate fast-food chains, not when he can opt to go to Chub's Diner and order their juicy Chub's sized burgers.

Still, despite having Cagayan de Oro's best burgers, I don't go to Chub's for the burgers, but for its burger steak. Cooked the same way they do their burgers, it's juicy and huge.

Recently, the supreme overlord of all fast food restaurants in the Philippines Jollibee released an over-sized burger steak rice meal as part of its offerings. One could speculate about the timing of the release since Chub's Diner was getting traction on its own extra-sized meal offerings, but I'm giving Jollibee the benefit of the doubt since it is basically a soulless corporate entity that doesn't give a damn about the smaller players plans, especially a niche operation like Chub's. But CDOmnivore is going to pit the two in a head-to-head death-match between their respective burger steak offerings. Let us see goes out on top.

Contender 1. The Ultimate Burger Steak from Jollibee.
For the centerpiece of its "Ultimate" offering, Jollibee uses the patty from their venerable Champ burger, a third of a pound of beef set on a bed of their potato fries and topped with mushroom gravy. It has a single serving of rice and fried egg on the side. The value meal option comes with a regular drink.

Jollibee's "Ultimate" Burger Steak Value Meal (comes with a regular drink)

The Good.
It has fries! Burger steak meals always improve with some fries on the side. It is also cheaper than its opponent, it comes at 119 pesos and beats the 130 pesos of Chub's. There is a reason for this, one would be that the Bee has the advantage of the economy of scale and is able to spread a lot of the overhead for this item over a lot more units.
The Bad.
Soggy fries, the gravy is generously poured over the steak and the fries and this made it soggy. The gravy itself isn't spectacular, just some runny sauce with shredded bits of what appears to be button mushrooms. The egg is even a tad rubbery which indicates it isn't freshly cooked. When I ate at a branch for this review, the service crew was able to put it out quickly but the food just seemed to be warmed over and not freshly cooked as I would have wanted.

Contender 2. Chub's Burger Steak from Chub's Diner.
Now this is a burger steak, grilled yet still juicy enough for it to ooze when slicing through it. It comes with two eggs cooked at your option either scrambled or sunny side up and an extra-sized serving of garlic rice. It also has a tasty and thick mushroom gravy poured liberally over your steak. It comes at 130 pesos but Chub's burger steak is at least twice the size offered by the Bee. The meal comes with a drink, your choice of ice tea or hot chocolate; and I always go with the hot chocolate.

Chub's Burger Steak

The Good.
The size. Twice the burger steak size, twice the eggs and twice the rice, Chub's offering handily trashes the Bee here. The gravy features actual mushroom slices, something the Bee doesn't do with their gravy; and I will pick hot chocolate every time over the Bee's drinks choices of sugared carbonated water or too sweet powdered fruit juices.
The Bad.
It may cost eleven pesos more, but the goodness offsets the extra you have to pay. It may not come with fries but I've never particularly enjoyed the Bee's brand of coated potato slices. I don't think Chub's has anything bad when it comes to their burger steak.

The Winner.
Chub's Diner wins this one handily. I don't think the Bee had any chance when it came to this dish. Chub's has become my go-to place for burgers in CDO.  But if the Bee included garlic rice with their "Ultimate" Burger Steak, it may just have a winner. The Bee probably has the best garlic rice among all fast-food chains in the country. Too bad it only serves it during breakfast.

So, who do you think offers the best burger steak in the city?