Monday, June 3, 2013

A New Direction For CDOmnivore

CDOmnivore has been a relatively successful experiment in blogging and e-marketing. The group has exceeded its targets and has received an appropriate grade for it. Still, I believe that this site has a lot of potential and we have barely even scratched the surface on the tip of an iceberg. We have still much to learn on how to effectively manage this blog. Although its initial rewards are not yet financial in nature, we were able to learn much even if it we did started out blind and groping in the dark.

The summer term ended weeks ago but still this blog continues on.  Much gratitude to CDOmnivore's followers and fans who remained with us. But it is now time for a new direction. Whitney, Estela, MJ and Nancy have moved on to other pursuits. Their contributions will remain and you can still view them in our archives. I will now be the sole content generator and editor of this blog; until I could get other people willing to share to internet their love for food.

I hope you will still continue to support CDOmnivore whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, or Google.

Thank you and good eats.