Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Return to Chino's Deli and their Ultimate Sandwich

I wrote about Chino's Deli a few weeks back, writing about their sandwiches and a promise to try their 'Ultimate Sandwich'. That day has come though, as I visited their stall again for the expressed purpose of ordering their best seller.

I had mine with extra pickled jalapeños and it went particularly well with the sharp cheeses included in the sandwich. Their menu listed it as such: "baguette, beef bacon, mushroom, caramelized onions, monterey and cheddar cheese and gravy." The pickled jalapeños could be added at the customer's option.

A real sandwich is often defined such that when you're eating it, it's all over you. It was practically dripping all over me. Fastidious eaters may frown at the mess it makes but a true foodie would enjoy the experience.

The Ultimate Sandwicj by Chino's Deli.

Pardon the flash, the menu board at Chino's Deli, there's a lot more I need to
try but so little time, and money.