Monday, August 12, 2013

Snacking Around XU: Sbarro at Centrio

In my last post, I mentioned some awaited stores and brands that made their Cagayan de Oro debut when Centrio opened, Sbarro was one of those stores. In fact, it was one of the first the opened together with the mall. I still remember the packed tables when I first visited Centrio two weeks after their opening.

Sbarro's, the multinational restaurant chain that specialized in Italian-American dishes is one of the few places in Cagayan de Oro where they serve both New York and Chicago pizzas. It is the Chicago Deep Dish pizza that is my priority in any Sbarro's visit. One can rarely find deep dish pizza anywhere in Cagayan de Oro and  a slice here is often enough to soothe any craving for the loaded pie.

So I ordered two slices, a Hawaiian New York style and a Chicago Deep Dish. Actually, the Hawaiian slice was for someone else, I just can't stand Hawaiian, I think it's an abomination to have pineapple bits in pizza. Whole pies are displayed on the counter inside glass panels, as are their pasta. If the Filipino carenderia concept would be used to sell Italian-American fast food, this would be it.

New York style Hawaiian slice
A customer would choose a slice or two from their available pies for the day and they would heat it in the oven. The slices then are served with the deep dish slice slathered with tomato sauce. Sbarro's also has a loaded condiment counter where aside from the ubiquitous salt and pepper shakers, one could elect for dried basil or garlic powder instead.

Chicago Deep Dish slice
I sometimes think that the oven was not hot enough or it just needed a little more time. Maybe I came in at the wrong time, instead at late afternoon, I should have went at lunch. But the pizzas, even when reheated just didn't tasted fresh. The New York slice was okay but the deep dish was not.

Google Maps directions to the Sbarro at Centrio:

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