Sunday, July 7, 2013

Spoils of War: Mocha Custard Cake

Team 6 writes for CDOmnivore

Custard cake is a classic bakery item found in most bakeries and bread-shops around the Philippines. It is easy to identify at sight; it's the cake that has leche flan on top. Missy Bon Bon Breadshop takes this classic and turned it on its ear; they made it into a mocha cake with a thick layer of custard on top. They do offer the classic flavor, but this was what in Team 6's prize box when we won the June 27, 2013 Trivia Night at Missy Bon Bon, which cemented our domination for the whole month of June. 

Mocha Custard Cake

Missy Bon Bon has made their custard cake, THE custard cake. It would be hard to imagine eating another cake done by another shop. It is the topping the wins it for them. The thick layer of custard that goes so well with the mocha sponge cake. The sweet custard paired with the coffee-flavored cake and its hint of bitterness makes the custard stand out more.

That's a thick custard layer you got there.

This wasn't the first time we had custard cake in our prize pack. In fact, every time one is included, everyone on the team share in the cake as a post-game ritual debriefing of sorts.

The prize pack for first place.

Team 6's roster for June 27, 2013.