Sunday, July 14, 2013

Snacking Around XU: Chingkeetea and Milk Tea

I've heard so much about Chingkeetea; especially how they almost single-handedly turned a tea- drinking trend into a healthy habit among Xavier University (XU) students. Trends come and go, but Chingkeetea has turned it into a viable business model and in turned has inspired more than few businesses to copy them. They also cultivated a large social media following, with a few thousand likes and followers on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, CDOmnivore and Chingkeetea follow each other on Twitter. It's about time that I pay that tea-house a visit; after all, it's just in the vicinity of XU's Corrales campus.

The place is practically plastered  wall to wall with knick-knacks.

The first thing that struck me was the interior decor; this was a temple of femininity, estrogen and the double x chromosomes with its laces, frills and birdcage mobiles. No wonder its clientele was disproportionately female; no man would want to be caught dead inside this dollhouse. I could almost feel my testosterone levels dropping. Good thing I brought Queen to buffer me from all that estrogen.

Attracting the purchasing power of the college age female is a rare feat indeed and the decor and their offerings helps maintain that following. They offer mostly milk tea and fruit juice blended teas with a listing of extras like tapioca balls, nata de coco and other goodies to customize their drinks.

Blueberry Juice Tea and Wintermelon Milk Tea

I ordered a blueberry juice flavored tea without any extra sweetener and a small chicken panini sandwich on the side. We managed to get a table inside even though it was packed with coeds hanging out with their cliques and enjoying their tea. I asked the nearby tables why they frequent the place and all agree they were there for the milk tea and the ambiance. This was a place where girls can be girls. This was their sanctuary from school and it was a place they could call their own.

Chicken Panini Sandwich
Sadly, I'm not their target market but I did manage to satisfy curiosity. I don't even drink my tea with milk; the better to retain the antioxidants. Still, Chingkeetea cultivated their following via word of mouth and social media; I couldn't help but marvel at that fact. Though this place is not for me, I recommend it for anyone who has two x chromosomes and enjoy their milk tea.

I also enjoyed my tea, as it was prepared to my specifications. But I'm definitely ordering it to-go next time.

Queen enjoying her wintermelon milk tea.
Frills and birdcage mobiles.