Monday, April 29, 2013

Snacking Around XU: Rose Pancit Malabon

It has become a habit lately of mine of snacking at late afternoon. I don't usually have a fixed snack habit but the early evening schedule of my MBA classes this summer has made it necessary for me to do so in order to avoid hunger pangs during lectures. Fortunately, the university has some establishments around the campus that could cater to even an aspiring epicureanist's curious palette.

One of my frequent haunts for afternoon snacks is Rose Pancit Malabon at the Divisoria Arcade. Their specialty of course is the eponymous Pancit Malabon. I usually have the solo serving for 75 pesos, but when I'm especially hungry, I order a double serving for 150 pesos. It is served with a slice of bread to mop up that wonderful sauce on the plate dry and a glass of choice beverage which would be either ice tea or orange juice.

My phone's camera doesn't do it justice, but that pile of noodles has height.

I really like how Rose doesn't skimp on the toppings. Every solo serving has half a boiled egg, a shower of chicharon crumbs and that meaty sauce. Some times one serving isn't enough.

Of course, Rose Pancit Malabon has a lot more than its namesake dish to offer, but their excellent selection of rice meals would have to be a topic for another post.